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Kingdom Impact Hub (KIH)  is an expanding  international Human Capital Management Consultancy Company that offer a wide range of professional value adding Human Capital and Business support services.

We provide sustainable solutions that will enable you to;

Develop and maintain an engaged and high performing workforce in the fourth industrial revolution era;

Make wise and effective decisions on people and strategy;

Achieve return on human capital investment .

If you are looking for a reliable, ethical and professional Human Capital Service provider do not hesitate to contact us.

We esteem our clients and we strife to provide excellent services

Kingdom Impact Hub partner’s with you to build , develop and fortify workforce by;

Assessing and identifying unique and exigent needs

Providing client centred solutions

Rendering culture centred services and trainings

Ensuring strategic alignments with  business goals that will positively impact the organisational bottom line

We render  services to a variety of clients including; start-up companies, as well as established SMEs, Large established enterprises, NGOs, government agencies and projects,  students, individuals, working professionals, both within and outside South Africa